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Tips From Tammy

Posted May 5, 2022

Dear Tammy,
I’m struggling to find time to sew. I want to sew, but it seems the days are filled with so many things already. How do I get more sewing time?
Frustrated in Fortville

Dear Frustrated,
I understand! I’ve got 3 suggestions for you that helped me find more sewing time.

  1. Schedule time for sewing. Write it on the calendar. It’s an important appointment you’re making with yourself, just like a doctor or dentist appointment.
  2. Baby steps. Instead of thinking about the whole mending pile, select 1 item from the stack – that 1 item you really want back into circulation before the season changes – & get it mended. One item done is better than none; & if you happen to get 2 items fixed, well, that’s icing on the cake!
  3. Habit. Get into the habit of rewarding yourself. You work, you volunteer, you have kids, you have a husband…reward yourself for all the the things you do for others with a little “me” time.


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