Log In / Password Help


As a member of the national organization and the local chapter, it is necessary to maintain two passwords, one for each website, in order to log in.  The reason for this is that although our chapter is part of the national organization, there is no connection between the national organization’s database and ours.

Access to Chapter’s Members Only Area

When you join ASG, you automatically become a Chapter member.  However, access to the Chapter’s Members Only area is not immediate.  The Chapter must receive notice of your membership after which a membership account is established for you and finally we send you an email notifying you of your new account and provide you with credentials to access the Members Only area.

Email Address Change

If you have a new email address, go to the ASG National website, www.asg.org, log in, and change your email address there.

Then you need to tell us.  Our records are independent of National’s.  Click here to tell us about your email change.

Password Assistance



  • National ASG Website – After logging into the Members Only area, on the Member Information page,  click on Change Password (left side of screen). Enter your current password, a new password and confirm the new password. Then click Submit.
  • Indy ASG Chapter Website – Contact us at website@indyasg.org.