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Indianapolis Chapter

National Embroidery & Machine Embroidery Month

Feb 1 - 29, 2024

According to, National Embroidery Month in February recognizes the talented stitchers who turn needle and thread into an art form.

Since ancient times, humans have left their mark on textiles with colorful threads. Some created elaborate works of art woven into tapestries. Others made ceremonial attire for warriors, priests, and the betrothed.

Over time, embroidery retained its creative expression but also served a commercial purpose, too. Elegant monograms identified business logos cleanly and beautifully. Bold artwork stood out on jackets and caps.

And still, in the arts and crafts world, embroidery filled a niche of handmade items and artwork that commercial embroidery just doesn’t create. Two of the best embroidery skills celebrated together.

For more information on the history and timeline of embroidery click here.

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